Founded in 1922 by Dutch chemist Jan Keune. Keune is still a family owned and operated company. All Keune products are suitable for vegans as the ingredients are either plant-derived or synthetic. None of Keune’s products are tested on animals and are cruelty free. As a company, they uphold ethical and moral standards.


Hans and Theresa van der Velden, owners of Keune Australia & NZ wanted to find a lasting way to give back to our society. In 2005 The Keune Foundation was established providing emotional support and financial assistance to Australian families when one of their children is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

Keune donates 10cents to the foundation for each tube of Tinta Colour used in salons across Australia and organize the Keune Annual Foundation Ball raising money through silent auctions and donations.


Complete your after care with the same high quality products we use in salon.  You can now have the convenience of salon quality products delivered to your door.

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Essential Minerals for Healthy Hair

Care Line nourishes the hair and helps to balance the natural function of the scalp with 5 key Essential Minerals from natural sources, which work together to provide long-lasting results. Hair becomes silky, smooth and easy to manage. The Care Line range offers a 3-step process of cleansing, nourishing and styling.

All products are colour safe and use a combination of specialised technologies:

Essential Minerals:

•  Zinc
•  Copper
•  Silicium
•  Iron
•  Magnesium


Natural Balance 100% Pure Plant Extracts

Following many years of intensive research, KEUNE’s So Pure Natural Balance range utilizes 100% pure plant essential therapy to create a truly sensorial experience of well-being and relaxation for mind, body & soul. The range has been enriched with over 30 plant extracts and organic essential oils, each hand-selected for a special purpose and are the only active ingredients within the range.

The So Pure Natural Balance range is:

•  Paraben & Sulfate Free
•  Contains no artificial fragrances or colours
•  Contains no animal related materials
•  Not tested on animals
•  100% Colour Safe

So Pure Natural Balance embraces the knowledge of Phytotherapy, Aromatherapy and Homeopathy to create healthy, shiny hair through a well-functioning scalp.


Design offers a complete professional and home care range for styling, finishing and care. Style and finish products provide diversity in texture, hold and shine protecting hair from UV rays and heat damage. Each product individually nourishes, protects and strengthens hair from the inside out.

All Design products contain innovative technology:

•  Double Layer Protection system
•  LP300 Colour Stabilizer
•  Natural Sea Silk
•  Organic Argan Oil
•  Grape Seed Extract
•  Vitamins B5 & E


A collection of 8 temporary on-trend fashion shades with 4 Soft Pastels & 4 Vibrant Vivids specially designed to fade gradually from the hair, they are nourishing and conditioning used as home maintenance to support the longevity of your colour work.

•  Passionate Pink
•  Pink Flush
•  Cardinal Red
•  Peach Mist
•  Sunset Copper
•  Lovely Lavender
•  Velvet violet
•  Powder Blue


A collection of styling products to create a style to suit every mood, mode and moment. That’s where Blend comes in. It’s top-shelf mixology for hair that’s going places. Smooth it, crunch it, pin it up – however you wear it, do it your way.


In salon service & take home treatment

Bond Fusion is a premium treatment that allows clients to go lighter and brighter without compromising the integrity of their hair. Chemical processes like colouring or forming treatments break down disulphide bonds that are essential for healthy hair. But that’s where Bond Fusion comes in, repairing and rebuilding broken bonds, even creating new ones. It also protects the inner structure of each strand.

Phase 3: Bond Recharger – Take home treatment

The perfect home maintenance product that prolongs the effect of your Bond Fusion in-salon treatment and continues to protect your hair from thermo-styling damage, environmental damage and helps to strengthen your hair for your next in-salon chemical process.

Altogether Kinder Styling


Add shine & sparkle to every style

Cloud Nine irons put you in control, whatever your hair type, whatever your style.

Whether you want to create smooth and sleek styles, movement, curls, or achieve the perfect straight look, there’s an iron for your hair. From the one-touch temperature control to the hibernation mode and swivel cord; our straighteners deliver everything you need to style your hair professionally and easily.

•   The Original Iron
•   The Wide Iron
•   The Micro Iron


Volume & Body

How much volume can you handle?

The O by Cloud Nine is a ground-breaking innovative heated roller system; the perfect tool to create body, volume and movement for any hair type.

The O rollers heat up in less than four seconds, and thanks to the unique induction heating system, they heat from the core, so they’re hot in the hair, not in the hand. Soft grip technology eliminates the need to use pins to hold the hair in place; making them even more convenient to use. Reaching a maximum temperature of 120 degrees, the rollers begin to cool in the hair, giving hold, definition and shine. The O allows you to create looks that are full of body, volume and movement with several sizes of roller to choose from.

•   The O Gift Set – Black
•   The O Pod
•   The O Rollers (Each pack contains 4 rollers)20,30,40,50 and 60mm
•   The O Clips (Each pack contains 4 clips)


Wave & Curl

Curls you’ve only ever dreamt of…

The Cloud Nine wands are designed to give professional curls, whatever your hair type, whatever your style.

Unlike other wands, the Cloud Nine wands give you the ability to create any style of curl with options to suit any hair type. From one-touch temperature control through to ceramic coated barrels that feature patented heat technology, each wand gives you complete freedom to create large loose waves through to tight curls and everything in-between.

•   The Wand
•   The Micro Wand
•   The Waving Wand
•   Black Wand Glove – heat protective glove



Your glossiest finish ever …

The Cloud Nine Airshot Hairdryer is a powerhouse that cares for your hair while you style. Designed for professional use, Cloud Nine’s new hair styling workhorse reduces the amount of frizz, static, while boosting your hair’s natural silkiness for your glossiest finish ever.

With new top of the line technology, Cloud Nine The Airshot Hairdryer features tourmaline and vitamin-infused ceramic heat elements reduces negatively charged particles that the hair is exposed to, for lustrous hair that is free from static and frizz.

• The Airshot
• 60mm Nozzle
• 75mm Nozzle
• The Diffuser


Brazilian Blowout Hair Care after care regimen developed for the purpose of extending the life of the Brazilian Blowout Professional Smoothing Treatment. Sulfate-free cleansing system maintains the vital moisture and protein balance for optimal smoothness. Conditioner infuses the hair with moisture and essential nutrients, sealing the cuticle and locking in moisture and locking out humidity.



Inside bottles of Evo that are bursting with personality, you’ll find luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, DEA, TEA and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment.

Evo Fabuloso colour enhancing conditioners provide an instant hair colour boost combined with a nourishing treatment effect. Keeping hair colour fresh and hair healthy, it is available in seven different shades and is ideal to use between salon visits to revive and brighten coloured hair in only three minutes.


Evo’s hair products, famous for their individuality and integrity include the exclusive salon brush range.

Made with wood from well-managed forests and high-quality natural materials, they care for your hair while styling and grooming. There’s an Evo brush to suit all hair types and styling needs.

Ceramic radial brushes
High heat-resistant styling brushes for quick, easy blow-drying. Vent holes in the barrel allow heat from the blow-dryer to circulate at the roots, creating more volume.

Bristle radial brushes
Styling brushes for blow-drying longer hair while distributing natural oils and polishing the hair smooth. Featuring natural boar bristles to stimulate the scalp and reduce frizz.

Nylon-pin bristle radial brush

Styling brushes for quick, easy blow-drying. Boar bristles help to stretch the hair, while the high heat resistant nylon pins smooth, polish and add shine to the cuticle.

Paddle brushes & combs
Multi-purpose styling and grooming tools for use on all hair types, but particularly well suited for smoothing and detangling hair, distributing natural oils and polishing the hair.

Evos combs provide the anti-static properties of natural wood, perfect for detangling and styling.



EyEnvyTM is a breakthrough formula that improves the length, volume and thickness of your eyelashes and eyebrows. Clinical studies has shown that EyEnvyTM helps improve the length and density of your own natural lashes, and users were excited to see an improved appearance of their eyelashes and eyebrows in only 4-6 weeks.


Repair, condition and get volume all in one! EyEnvyTM INTENSE conditioning mascara will be the perfect complement to give you longer, fuller and VOLUMIZING lashes with the addition of peptides that help nourish and protect your lashes. EyenvyTM INTENSE mascara creates a dramatic impact on the lashes, leaving you with nothing but glamourous eyelashes!.

With the addition of Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 (a keratin boosting peptide), our formula not only conditions and provide great volume, but helps in the lengthening and strengthening of your own natural lashes. Our brush’s crisscross design separates each lash working on volume and thickness. EyenvyTM INTENSE mascara has the best of both worlds, why would you use anything else!.

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